AtS Season 5
Title: Father's Little Dividend
Author: Kiwikatipo
Rating: R
Summary: What if Wesley wasn't the only one to get his memory back in Origin?
Season: AtS Season 5
Title: Moving On
Author: PSUbrat
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Wes realizes he has feelings for Faith, but does she feel the same way about him?
Season: AtS Season 5
Title: Practice Makes Perfect
Author: AngelChase
Rating: R
Title: Even when they fail, Faith and Wes keep trying
Season: AtS Season 5
Title: Remember How to Breathe
Author: Darling Effect
Rating: Not Rated
Summary: Wes/Faith in San Francisco
Season: AtS Season 5
Title: Switchblade
Author: Lesley
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Dark, angst, bloodplay. BDSM elements, references to torture.
Season: AtS Season 5
Title: Watching, Waiting, Anticipating
Author: Jane Davitt
Rating: R
Summary: Wesley gets his memories back - and heads for Faith, intending to make a fresh start.
Season: BtVS Post-Chosen and AtS Season 5