Title: It Goes Like This
Author: Jane Davitt
Rating: Not Rated
Spoilers/Setting: BtVS Season 3
Summary: Wesley knows just how it should go with Faith; how he dreams it will, anyway.

It Goes Like This

It’s like a dream, the way she turns to him, hair silvered with vampire dust, and mouth split wide in an exultant grin; turns and flings her arms around him, nuzzling his throat and purring when his arms rise instinctively to circle her.

It’s like his life in miniature when the exuberance of her impulsive embrace sends him staggering back and he trips and falls, with her landing on top of him.

It’s like a fantasy when she grinds against him and he’s hard in a needy, hungry instant and her eyes widen in surprised arousal.

Just like a dream.