Title: Keep Me Up
Author: hold_that_thought
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers/Setting: Vaguely through Angel Season 4
Warnings: BDSM, some edgeplay
Disclaimer: The characters used within are the property of Mutant Enemy, Twentieth Century Fox, and of course Joss Whedon. It's their sandbox, I'm just playing in it.
Pairing: Wesley/Lilah/Faith
Summary: "It's possible, Faith thinks, that Lilah did not have enough dolls as a child."
Notes: Written for Fox1013, who requested Wesfaithlah with the lyrics "Konstantine" by Something Corporate or BDSM, for the Fanfic Junk Drawer Challenge. Thanks to Nautibitz and little_bit for the fab betas, and to Soda for encouraging me to start the challenge in the first place. Story vaguely follows Not an Addict and Beads, but as this is a PWP, that's not really important. (Completed 8/20/03)
Archive: More than likely okay, but please ask first
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Keep Me Up

You could keep me up in bed
My Konstantine
Spin around me like a dream
We played out on this movie screen
-Konstantine by Something Corporate


It's possible, Faith thinks, that Lilah did not have enough dolls as a child. That, or before becoming a lawyer she wanted to be an actress or something. Because that's the only explanation Faith can come up with for why Lilah's got this thing for dressing Faith up.

Wesley didn't understand it either at first, but he stopped questioning Lilah's urges the day she handed him an eyepatch, trussed Faith up like a kidnapped village virgin, and told him to "go plunder."

They fell into their own weird little traditions within their tiny, fucked-up little pseudo-family-unit. Tuesday was Thai takeout night, Lilah always slept in the middle, Faith got to pick out which movies they rented, the girls left Wesley alone when he holed himself up with a book, and every Saturday night Lilah had new outfits and games to try out. Okay, so their living arrangement was...unusual, at best...but Faith liked it. A lot. Just knowing she had a place somewhere, no matter how fucked up that place might seem to outsiders.

After she got home from patrol, Faith went straight to the bathroom to take a shower. Twenty minutes later, she toweled off her hair and opened the bathroom, letting out a puff of steam. There was a paper bag with her name on it looped around the door handle. Like clockwork, Faith smirked.

Her best guess was something along the lines of The Naughty Nurse, as the bag contained a pumpkin-colored satin bra, matching panties, and a lab coat. It was gonna be interesting to see Lilah try and make spongebaths erotic. Faith finished buttoning up the coat and knocked on the bedroom door.

"Come in," Lilah sing-songed.

When Faith opened the door, she was greeted with a view of Lilah in a labcoat and undergarments matching her own, except hers were a deep ruby red. Her hair was pulled back into a sleek bun, and she was wearing red horn-rimmed glassed and holding a clipboard.

"Doctors?" Faith asked.

"Mad scientists," Lilah replied, grinning and gesturing to the bed, where Faith saw Wesley was already bound, gagged, stripped to his boxers, and glaring at her.

"Aw, what's the matter, Wes, not as much fun when you're the one tied up?" Faith said.

Wesley glared harder.

Lilah walked over to the bed, motioning for Faith to follow. "The subject is male, early 30s, unkempt," she said, running her fingernails over the two-days' stubble on his chin, "but otherwise, a fine specimen. Let's see how he reacts to the stimuli, shall we? Assistant, please hand me the ice."

Faith made a small bow and grabbed the bowl of ice from the bedside table. She was always good at figuring out a sitch quickly, and it didn't take her long to figure out she was the sub tonight. Not that she minded, since chances were she'd be the one holding the bullwhip next week. Lilah liked to shake things up.

Plucking one of the ice cubes from the bowl, Lilah studied it for a second before gently placing it on Wesley's chest. As he gave a small, muffled yelp, she slowly dragged it across his chest from side to side, watching as his hairs stood on end. Personally, Faith liked the pale red streaks the cube left behind on his skin.

"The subject doesn't seem to like the cold stimuli." Lilah clucked her tongue and turned to Faith. "Open your mouth, assistant." Faith obliged and Lilah popped the ice cube onto her tongue.

Shivering as the salt-tinged water started to trickle down her throat while her tongue grew numb, Faith watched Lilah light a tall blue taper candle and dangle it over Wesley's chest, letting the wax drip onto his skin. Wesley might roll his eyes and make annoyed sounds against his gag, but the erection that was peeking out between the slit of his boxers said a helluva lot more.

"Oops." Lilah's hand had slipped for a second and the scent of singed hair wafted up. Wesley yelped, pulling against his restraints, and Lilah giggled before motioning for Faith to kneel on the floor next to the bed.

Lilah shrugged off her labcoat, then reached around and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Gently running her fingernails down his hips, she leaned forward and kissed Wesley's chest where she'd burned him.

From her spot on the floor, the only thing Faith could see clearly was the pale curve of Lilah's ass, illuminated in the moonlight streaming through the giant picture window. As she watched Lilah move back and forth against Wesley, alternating scratches with kisses, Faith could feel herself getting wet already. It would only take a second, slip a hand down her panties and get rid of the ache, but before she got the chance, Lilah suddenly turned to her.

"Faith, don't you think it's time Frankenstein was brought to life?"

"Yeah. I mean...yes, doctor."

Faith crawled onto the bed and straddled Wesley, sliding his boxers over his hips and down to his ankles. Starting low, she nipped at his balls with her teeth, rubbed her cheek along his shaft, teasing him and watching him writhe as his eyes rolled back in his head. She took him into her mouth, curling her tongue around him and reaching up to leave eight perfect clawmarks on his stomach. Wesley's hips started to jerk off the mattress, and Faith took a second to steal a glance at Lilah. The mad scientist herself seemed to be enjoying the show from her spot standing next to the bed. One of Lilah's hands moved in small, lazy circles over the silk of her panties while the other squeezed a nipple. Faith tauntingly wiggled her ass in Lilah's direction before flitting her tongue across Wesley's head. Lilah reached over and pulled the gag out of Wesley's mouth just before he came.

"Fuck," he grunted, throwing his head back onto the pillow.

As Faith started to swallow, Lilah grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back. "Nuh uh, Assistant, don't forget the rules."

Fuck. You'd think Lilah got all the bossiness out of her system playing Psycho Hell Lawyer all week. You'd be wrong. "May I swallow, doctor?" Faith gurbled, a few droplets of Wesley's come dribbling past her lips and down her chin.

"Yes, you may," Lilah smiled.

Yeah, Faith was definitely gonna rent some really vile movie next time she had the chance. Die Hard, Apocalypse Now, something action-y and guaranteed to make Lilah gag.

Of course, she coulda complained about being the sub at any time and Lilah would probably actually listen. But damn if she didn't enjoy playing the little whore sometimes, because Lilah always rewarded Faith's obedience in spades.

Picking up the clipboard again, Lilah turned to Wesley. "Any thoughts from the subject?"

"I believe I prefer the pirate game," Wesley said.

Lilah rolled her eyes. "Who asked you?"

Wesley smirked. "You did. Just now."

"Oh, hush."

"So what's next?" Faith asked, leaning back on her haunches. "Can I be the pirate this time?"

"No, I have something much more fun." Lilah headed out of the room. Over her shoulder, she yelled, "Untie Wesley while I set up."

Faith undid Wesley's ankles first, then his arms, and finally, she helped him to his feet and deposited him unceremoniously into the overstuffed armchair by the bed.

"Okay, Faith. Close your eyes, take off your coat, and put your arms over your head," Lilah said, coming back into the room and holding something behind her back.

Faith did as she was told. Her skin prickled as she felt Lilah undo her bra, exposing her breasts to the October air that gusted through the open window. The panties were the next to go. Finally, Faith felt something stiff and cold slide down her arms, over her breasts, and settle around her torso.

"Put your arms down and open your eyes."

Looking into the standing mirror in the corner of Lilah's bedroom, Faith was unsurprised to see Lilah had pulled out an old favorite, a red leather corset they'd picked up in New Orleans. Lilah smirked at her reflection over Faith's shoulders and pulled the laces tight, causing Faith to inhale a sharp breath. If she lived another hundred years, there was no fucking way Faith would ever understand how women wore these things day in and day out way back whenever.

Then again, Faith would never understand why people like Buffy and Cordelia used to voluntarily wear freaky binding skirts all through high school, so there you had it. Chicks could be masochists during any generation.

Satisfied that Faith was strictly on shallow-breathing detail, Lilah steered her towards the bed and pushed her down. Lilah gave the corset laces another tug and Faith thought her ribs were gonna crack. Why the hell was a lawyer so damned strong?

"Well, what do you think Wesley," Lilah asked. "Is she ready? Or, more important, are you ready again?"

Wesley had pulled Faith's discarded labcoat over his lap, and at Lilah's inquiry he lifted it up slightly and peered down. Then he winked at Lilah and grinned. "Perhaps, but I think I'll watch this time 'round."

"Your loss," Faith laughed. A second later, she felt a hard smack against her thigh. Lilah gave her a reproachful look. "Sorry, doc."

"It's a shame when assistants can't remember to speak only when spoken to," Lilah said, smirking.

On the one hand, Faith wanted to slap the smirk right off Lilah's face, maybe grab her by the hair and push her down, give her mouth something better to do than bark orders at everyone. But she knew Lilah would make every torturous moment worthwhile, so Faith kept quiet.

Besides, better believe Faith was gonna get to be the dom next time. Maybe they could convince Wesley to wear that black rubber minidress again....

Wesley was sitting in the chair, smiling like some old perv as he watched Lilah make herself comfortable on top of Faith. All he really needed was a trenchcoat and some binoculars.

She made a mental note to add those items to the prop shopping list for sometime down the road.

Humming some tuneless song that made Faith's neck vibrate, Lilah nipped at her earlobe before running her tongue down the side of the Slayer's throat, stopping to nuzzle Faith's shoulder. When she reached her breasts, Lilah's nips turned into nibbles, then fierce bites. Faith moaned, shivering when Lilah's teeth grazed her nipples, loving the feel of the hard, sharp teeth in the warm, soft mouth. Like Lilah herself, all hard and soft mixed up, able to make Faith wet at the smallest touch.

Keeping her eyes locked with Faith's, Lilah leaned forward and kissed her hard, biting her lower lip. Then she ran a hand across her own breasts, down past her stomach, and started to finger herself. Yeah, who's the little whore now?, Faith thought, grinning. Lilah smirked and brought her hand back up to cover Faith's mouth. When Lilah started grinding, slick and hot and fuck yeah, Faith thought she was gonna explode. But Lilah wouldn't like that at all, and while the prospect of being spanked by her was always appealing, she wasn't in the mood to wear a dog collar. Again. So instead she took a deep breath through her nose and concentrated on something else.

When Faith flitted her tongue out, she could taste Lilah all over her fingers. In appreciation, Faith licked every inch of skin she could reach without dislodging Lilah's hand, and she swiveled her hips to generate better friction between them. Lilah's other hand went down to the junction of their flesh, making sure she hit them both equally.

Faith watched Lilah's cheeks flush, and as her breath started to come in small pants, Lilah extended her one hand to cover not only Faith's mouth, but her nose as well. Her cheeks bulged as all her air was cut off, and the fucking corset was digging into her ribs. The air around Faith took on a heady, fuzzy feel as the beginnings of an orgasm started to thrum through her body. Lilah clamped down harder on Faith's face, nails digging into her cheeks, and by now Faith was pretty sure she'd been under a whole minute. She could have thrown Lilah off her easily, of course; Slayer strength and all. But that wasn't the point.

She remembered when Lilah'd first done this. The glint in her eye that said she'd done this before and maybe she hadn't always remembered to let go in time. And when she'd let go, fuck, the air had never felt cooler and sweeter on her face, except maybe the day she'd gotten outta prison. And even that was a close second, because nothing compared to having Lilah writhing on top of her and Wesley looking on.

Just as Faith started to tremble, Lilah pulled her hand away from her mouth. Faith greedily gulped in the air as she came, bucking Lilah off her as she thrashed on the bed.

Next to her, Faith could hear Lilah doing that little screamey, moaney thing that meant she was having her world rocked too or whatever, and when the feeling had returned to her outer extremities, Faith rolled over and gave her a dopey grin. Then she reached over to pull Lilah's ponytail holder out and let her hair swing free. Lilah smiled back before leaning over to tenderly kiss the bite marks she'd left on Faith's breasts. Finally, she pulled at the strings on the back of the corset and Faith was free. Her skin hummed, tingling everywhere the air hit it anew.

"Christ, finally. I am definitely never putting that thing on again."

Lilah chuckled. "You say that every time."

The bed creaked as Wesley joined them, and Faith crawled over Lilah and curled herself around her body. Wesley slipped his arm under Lilah's head and grinned at his girls.

"Faith, did you learn your lesson about renting Frankenstein on a Friday night?"

Faith laughed. "Hey, don't look at me, I wasn't the one who got bound and gagged."

"You will be next time, if you keep singing 'Get Your Freak On' around the house," Lilah warned.

"Oh yeah, because your taste in music is so much better?"

"Excuse me, Ella Fitzgerald is a classic."

"Uh huh, classic as in old."

Lilah snorted and gently smacked Faith on the belly. "Watch it. Just because I'm not old enough to be your mother doesn't mean I won't spank you."

"I'd like to see you try," Faith said, stretching and yawning.

"You'll just have to wait until next week."

"Dare I ask?" Wesley said, raising an eyebrow.

"Let's just say I've got a two nun's habits and a schoolgirl outfit in my closet," Lilah winked, leaning over him to snap the bedroom light off.