Title: Not An Addict
Author: hold_that_thought
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Vaguely through Angel Season 4, but this is pretty plot-light with no real timeline.
Disclaimer: The characters used within are the property of Mutant Enemy, Twentieth Century Fox, and of course Joss Whedon. It's their sandbox, I'm just playing in it.
Pairing: Lilah/Faith, Lilah/Wesley/Faith
Summary: Wesley, Lilah, and Faith make the best of an awkward situation. (Prequel to Beads.)
Notes: Cousinjean has my undying gratitude for doing a bang-up job as beta for this. Big thanks also go to everyone who's gone "Yay, Wesfaithlah!" out in LJ-and-ficland. All ships and shippers should be blessed with such encouraging, enthusiastic, and wonderfully wacky supporters. (Completed 6/26/03)
Archive: More than likely okay, but please ask first
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Not An Addict

We're high above but on the floor
It's not a habit, it's cool, I feel alive
If you don't have it, you're on the other side...
I'm not an addict (maybe that's a lie)
- K’s Choice

It started when Wesley walked into Lilah’s apartment to find his supposedly-incarcerated ex-Slayer with her head buried between his lover’s thighs. He leaned against the wall and waited for Lilah’s moaning to stop.

Faith finished her off, sat up, and glanced at Wesley. "Oh, hey. Lilah told me you might drop by."

"Faith. You’re looking...unrestrained."

"Yeah, the Watchers sprung me somehow, if you can believe that. I’m supposed to head down to Sunnydale and lend a hand."

"And you thought perhaps you’d detour through LA and lend a tongue first?"

Faith smirked. "What can I say, I’m a giver."

"I never would have guessed," Wesley said tersely.

Faith opened her mouth to retort, but Lilah waved her hand dismissively. "Don’t mind him, he’s usually this grumpy." To Wesley, she said, "Faith dropped by to borrow bus fare and decided to reciprocate the tension release I gave her a couple of years ago when she was staying with me. You know, while she was trying to kill Angel and torturing you. Good times." She flashed him a wicked grin.

"I knew this would be weird. I’m gonna split." Faith pulled her top back on and brushed past Wesley, heading for the front door. He caught her by the wrist.

"No, stay." Faith started to protest, but Wesley shook his head. "There’s no reason for you to run off in the middle of the night. The past is past."


Faith reclined on Lilah’s couch, halfheartedly trying not to listen to the sounds coming from Lilah’s bedroom. She’d had sex with only two girls in prison. The rest were too prude, too crude. Rare to find people Faith couldn’t make do with in desperate circumstances. And ever since Marcy got paroled four months ago, Faith’d had to just imagine the kind of sounds that were echoing through Lilah’s apartment right now. Pretend her ears were filled with moaning and clawing and fuckyeahrightthere as she slipped a hand under the regulation sheets....

Her hand drifted down her stomach, sliding under her thong and Christ, she was already wet, hips already twitching and she only had one finger in. When Faith licked her lips she could still taste Lilah. She could mentally fill in the visual blanks to accompany Wesley’s grunts and Lilah’s caterwauling, could see Lilah writhing as Wesley fucked her, fuck, as Faith fucked her.

Faith slid another finger in, rocked her hand up and down, trying to match the rhythm of the bed springs in the next room. Like a good mechanic, Faith knew just what to tweak to make her body purr, and she quickly got herself to the brink.

She was so caught up in the moment, she didn’t hear Lilah’s bed springs stop creaking, or the bedroom door open. She did, however, hear Lilah’s throaty chuckle.

"See, Wes? Told you I heard something."

Wesley appeared behind her in the doorway, a sheet wrapped around his waist. Lilah hadn’t bothered covering up her nudity. She just crossed her arms under her breasts and smirked at Faith, who withdrew her hand and rolled her eyes.

"Enjoy the show?"

"As a matter of fact...."

"Lilah," Wesley softly chided, trying to steer her back into the bedroom.

"What? No reason to by shy, we’re all friends here." Off Faith and Wesley’s skeptical glances, Lilah amended, "You know, if you ignore the fact that most of us have tried to kill each other a few times."

"Of course, barring that," Wesley said dryly.

"Besides, I think we lost our place, and without us for inspiration, what’ll poor Faith find to occupy herself with?"

"Please, like I need to listen to you two going at it like fuckin’ dogs to get off."

"I’m just saying...." Lilah strolled over to the couch and ran her fingertips down Faith’s arm. "If all our energies are already directed in the same place, wouldn’t it be better to...pool our resources?"

Faith looked at Lilah’s encouraging smile, then Wesley’s bemused expression, then grinned and jumped up.

She paused in front of Wesley, laying a hand on his chest. "Here’s hoping you’re better at being a stud than attempting to be a dark and broody badass." She winked and sauntered past him.

Wesley put his arm across the doorway after Faith passed, blocking Lilah’s return to the bedroom. "You can’t honestly think this is a good idea."

"Come on, Wes, you can live every fat middle-aged man’s fantasy about two women. You’re welcome to stay out here and daydream about chaste Texas debutantes, but I’m going in." She gently pushed his arm down and went into the bedroom.

Wesley paused for a few seconds before grinning and heading in after her.

Lilah already had Faith backed up to the rumpled bed with her hands on Faith’s hips. One push and Lilah was guiding her backwards freefall, landing on top and crushing her mouth against Faith’s.

The sheet around Wesley’s waist dropped to the plush sapphire carpeting that had left burns across his shoulderblades just a week prior. As he watched Faith shimmy under Lilah’s touch, he could feel himself quickly hardening, already aching from the earlier coitus interruptus. He was so engrossed in the scene, he didn’t notice Lilah had grabbed a shard from a broken wineglass—a casualty from their previous night together—off the table until she had it pressed to Faith’s throat.

"Lilah, what do you think you’re doing?" he shouted, honestly not sure who he feared would kill who.

Lilah kept her eyes locked on Faith’s, both women breathing shallowly and barely moving, Faith spread-eagle and Lilah seated atop, clutching the shard in both hands and keeping the point hovering just above the base of her throat. After several moments of thick silence, Lilah suddenly laughed and dragged the glass down Faith’s throat towards her breasts, pressing just hard enough to leave a thin red scratch without breaking the skin. When Faith rolled her eyes back and sighed, arching into Lilah, Wesley finally let out the breath he’d been unconsciously holding.

"See, Wesley?" Lilah said. "I’ve been around the block a few times. I know," she bent over and licked the side of Faith’s face, "that some people get off best with a little danger mixed in."

Wesley walked over and laid his hand on Lilah’s hip, running it down her thigh. "You know, it wasn’t nearly as sexy when Faith tortured me with broken glass," he mused.

Faith snorted. "Says you."

Lilah kept all her focus on the glass, carefully tracing a circle around Faith’s nipple while slowly grinding her hips into the Slayer’s. When she was satisfied with the red marks crisscrossing Faith’s chest, she returned the glass to the table and reached for Wesley, grabbing him by the hand and pulling him onto the bed.

"It’s audience participation time, Pryce."

He peered over Lilah’s shoulder at Faith, who peered back through heavy-lidded eyes. When Faith smiled, almost shyly, at him, he took it as a tacit promise not to kill him with her bare hands any time soon. Wesley grabbed Lilah by the hips, pressing his back onto hers, pushing her down towards Faith. The tip of his cock nudged against Lilah from behind, sliding into her like a knife through butter.

"Fuck," Lilah moaned, rearing back into Wesley before bringing her body down and forward to skim across Faith, nipples hardening as they skated across Faith’s body.

Faith snaked one hand behind Lilah’s neck, pulling her mouth to hers, flitting her tongue across Lilah’s lips, tasting the remnants of gin and Wesley on her tongue. With her other hand, she reached down and gave her soaked thong a tug. She felt the cotton split down the side. Slayer strength has its advantages. Gotta remember to ask Lilah to buy me a new pair tomorrow, she thought, hips jerking off the mattress the second she felt Lilah grinding into her newly-bare skin. Her nerves were already stimulated, crackling between her legs, primed and ready for release, and when she felt Wesley’s cock rubbing against her just below Lilah, it was enough to send her over the edge.

"Don’t you dare stop now, Wesley," Lilah panted, watching Faith thrash around below her.

"Wouldn’t dream of it," he murmured, kissing her on the neck and reaching around her body. One hand found her breast, grabbing a nipple and tweaking it hard. His other hand teased her clit, brushing across as he rocked against her. Wesley felt himself tightening just as Lilah started to shudder, and in a few moments he found himself trying to carefully move himself and Lilah off Faith before coming. No such luck, because Lilah had her face buried in the crook of Faith’s neck, muffling her alternating moans and curses in the Slayer’s skin. He grabbed Lilah’s shoulders and pulled out just as he came, hazily wondering whether Faith was on the pill like Lilah was as he came over their intermingled thighs.


After Lilah and Wesley had rolled off Faith and caught their breath, Wesley heard the tiniest, most distinct snort ever. He raised his head off the pillow and looked over at Faith, raising an eyebrow.


"Nothing," she said, giggling. She looked at Lilah and Wesley’s expectant faces. "It’s just...I mean, I really did just come by to borrow bus fare, I swear."

Lilah smirked and reached over to stroke Faith’s belly. "I’d say in the least, you earned a ride in one of the firm’s limos."

"Thanks." Faith started to rise from the bed.

"Where are you going?" Lilah asked.

Faith gave them a cool smile. "Oh, you know, back to the couch."

"There’s no need to leave, Faith," Wesley said.

"Yeah," Lilah grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back onto the bed. "The more, the merrier."

"Okay, I guess. No big, either way." Faith lay back down, resting in the crook of Lilah’s arm and draping her leg over both Lilah and Wesley.

And when she was sure neither of them were looking at her, she smiled softly to herself.