Title: Objects in the Rear-View Mirror
Author: Jane Davitt
Rating: Not Rated
Spoilers/Setting: AtS season 4
Summary: Set during the car-ride after Wesley helps Faith get out of jail in Salvage

Objects in the Rear-View Mirror

He’s chosen clothes for her based on his memories. They’re an exact fit, yet she looks smaller, thinner somehow. Odd. As she strips on the back seat, her prison clothes discarded with an impatience that overrides modesty – if that was ever a consideration – he catches glimpses of skin, and, at a red-light, her breasts. His gaze meets hers in the rear-view mirror but he doesn’t drop his eyes.

She’s his Slayer.

Her body is his to examine, his to assess.

She’s strong, still strong.

But he has to be sure... so he pulls over and lets the vampire take her.