Title: Shattered
Author: Tnbella
Rating: R
Spoilers/Setting: AtS season 1
Summary: Faith releases a little sexual tension while torturing Wes



Faith circles around Wesley, biting her thumb, thinking of what she can do next to drive him mad. Settling for something that should, at the very least, elicit a moan of pain from his gagged mouth, she leaps onto his lap. Wesley makes a pained noise through the cloth while she licks each finger to poke at the many gashes and sores on his sweaty, blood-slicked face.

“Hey, hey! Don’t poop out on me, dammit! All of this will be over before it started, and I’ll just be, ya know, bored,” she says, slapping his cheeks, when he starts to go unconscious. Faith starts to ease off his legs, but at the last minute, she squeezes her powerful thighs, tightly, and grins as his cock springs to life under the pressure. “Well, well, well. What have we, here?” She reaches down, stroking him through his trousers. “Does someone want to play?” He stares at her, steadily, not showing any sign of embarrassment. “Do you have a little kink for torture, Wes? Cuz I gotta say, if I’d known that upfront, I woulda made this a lot more painful for you.” With a coy smile firmly planted on her red, red lips, Faith says, “I haven’t had any in a while, and though, you’re not my first choice—or hell, any choice, for that matter—I’m curious what’s hidden under the starch suits.” She bites her bottom lip, and moving forward a bit, she touches the tip of her tongue to the ball of cotton thwarting his speech.

Wesley’s dark pupils begin to dilate while Faith starts a rocking rhythm with her hips. “You like that, doncha, Baby?” she whispers in his ear, husky and rough. She grins, feeling him twitch against her pelvis. “Is that a yes? Is this making you hot, Wesley, having your Slayer seduce you?” she continues, taunting him by licking down the side of his neck and nipping at one of his collarbones. Faith looks into his blue eyes before popping the buttons off his white dress shirt, one by one. Parting the fabric so she can see his chest, she kisses the fresh wounds she finds scattered across his skin. “A little pleasure with the pain. They go together, you know. Cause some hurt then seal it up before startin’ the cycle over again.” At this, Faith stares directly at Wesley, the coldness returning in her voice. “And I am gonna make you hurt, Wes. But, right now? I think I’ll have some fun, first.”

A few minutes later, Wesley’s pants are down around his bound ankles, and Faith removes her tight leather pants, straddles his legs, and they both moan when she slams down on his hardness. She grabs onto his shoulders, holding them in a vise grip for leverage. He closes his eyes and tries to forget what’s happening to him even though his body responds to her thrusts. “That’s right, Baby. Right there,” she coos, reveling in the sensation of flesh-on-flesh. Faith writhes in ecstasy, lost in the moment. She’s getting closer to her climax, and without thinking about it, she tears the gag off and captures Wesley’s parched lips in a searing kiss. She screams her release into his hot, open mouth, and soon after, he empties inside her. Their heavy breathing fills the quiet room while they come down from the high. Faith gets up, tucks his dick back into his pants, and walks to the kitchen with her back to Wesley.

Staring at the various knives and such she can use for their next ‘session’, thoughts begin racing through her mind. Sex always energizes Faith when she fights, but now, things are different. This isn’t some horny guy she picked up at a bar. This is Wesley – the man she loathes and despises. She just fucked him for God’s sake. This isn’t the way it’s supposed to go. He took it – all of it – like it was nothing. He didn’t complain or anything. She is the one in control here, not him. Faith sets her face in a fake mask of indifference, turns to her captor, and pretends it’s all a part of the game. Picking up a Kerosene can and a light, she approaches Wesley again. “Play time’s over. Time to get back to business.” He lifts his head, and Faith realizes that perhaps it isn’t Wesley who is being tortured, but rather, her instead. She is shattered and lost in her own private Hell.