Title: You're So Wrong For Me
Author: Jane Davitt
Rating: Rated R
Spoilers/Setting: Timeframe Unknown
Pairing(s): Wesley/Spike/Faith
Summary: The Watcher, the Vampire and the Slayer...is this really such a good idea?

You're So Wrong For Me

She wonders if any Slayer in the history of the world has ever been in bed with a Watcher and a vampire at the same time, and which of them damns her the most.

The thought makes her laugh, low and hard, and they raise their heads to study her curiously. She smiles and fists the dark head and the fair, thrusting them back to their tasks.

As she arches under hands and tongues that please her, tease her, seize her, she wonders how much of her violent, racking orgasm is down to who they are, not what they do.