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This site takes its name from the Angel fourth season episode, "Salvage" and is dedicated solely to the unconventional pairing of Wesley and Faith.
Glass is actively accepting submissions for all Wes/Faith fic. Criteria is as follows:
  1. Must be Wes/Faith in some capacity whether it be friendship, romance or whatever.
  2. It may be a threesome, foursome, whatever as long as it has Wes/Faith in it (they have to play a major role, not just a guest appearance).
  3. All ratings are accepted.
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The image used for the splash page was created by the wonderfully talented MarvelGirl.

Special Thanks:

I'd like to thank the lovely Lesley for her help in naming this site - you always have such great ideas!

Thanks also goes to everyone on my friends list on Live Journal who believed in me and this project enough to encourage it and to help me track down submissions for the archive. You all are such wonderful people! ::HUGS::