Welcome to Step Back From the Glass a Wesley/Faith fanfic archive.

This site is dedicated to those in the BtVS/AtS fandom who enjoy the unconventional pairing of the Rogue Demon Hunter and the reformed Slayer. Our motto is "Who knew that unconventional could be so much fun!"

Why Wes and Faith? Because the two can be the tortured souls that they are when they're around one another; they can put aside their fascades and just be who they really are in life. They have a long history of failure, torture and longing to be recognized as important contributors. In essence, they have always looked for acceptance from those who chose to ignore them. Together, they have such untapped potential that was never really explored on either show. Hopefully, here in this site, you will come to agree with the few of us who believe that this couple is truly OTP.

Warning: This archive contains fiction of an adult nature. You have been warned! All fiction is marked accordingly, including NC-17. If adult sexual situations, including heterosexual and homosexual relations, makes you squeemish, please leave this archive immediately and do not return. Thank you.